Naturopathic Leaders on Tribe, Collaboration and their 2008 Conference with Holistic MD's

Date: February 2008

Publication: The Integrator Blog

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Author: John Weeks, Tabatha Parker commentary

Tabatha Parker, ND: "a time to get out of our naturopathic bubble"

Tabatha Parker, ND, is a co-founder of Natural Doctors International, which provided 5000 free clinic visits to the people of Ometepe, Nicaragua in 2007.  "Every profession experiences growing pains and the naturopathic profession is indeed in a growth spurt that could perhaps use a dose of Arnica to help us through the bumps.  "Being involved in the international arena of healthcare, I wholeheartedly welcome the AANP/AHMA colocation of conferences. How else can we begin to understand our place in the larger community health arena if we only live in a naturopathic bubble.  "While it is true that this is our one time of year to get together as a profession, there are few other venues where the majority of the profession congregates so my philosophy is the more the merrier. Over the last 2 years I have attended many conferences outside the naturopathic bubble - making my way into international health circles, social justice circles and overwhelmingly the response of our small naturopathic presence is "por fin" - finally! the naturopaths are here! My guess is this type of co-conference will produce collaboration and open many new doors for our profession. Welcome to the AHMA!"

-Tabatha Parker, ND Natural Doctors International Ometepe, Nicaragua