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The NDI Integrative Clinic

The foundation of NDI services is our integrative naturoapthic health clinic.  Our clinic provides underserved communities free medical services from naturopathic physicians and other holistic providers, free medicines, and long-term support. Through volunteer licensed naturopathic physicians, NDI runs an integrative health clinic using a model that incorporates short and long term health programs and community enhancement projects. In Ometepe, Nicaragua, our pilot site has run a successfully since 2005. We have attended more than 20,000 patients, donated more than $500,000 US worth of supplies and medicines and carried out numerous successful community projects.


Located in Central America, Nicaragua is a country of 5.5 million people.  Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western hemisphere. The remoteness of double volcano island of Ometepe, limits access to healthcare for many of the locals.  Nicaragua is an example of the growing global economic disparity that exists, with the average Nicaraguan making$5 per day. The NDI clinic is located within the small town of Los Angeles. Our team treats patients of all ages including newborns, children, pregnant women, adults and elderly for general health consults. Our doctors work collaboratively with local Nicaraguan MDs and nurses in various settings, providing care for up to 30 patients per day per practitioner. Volunteers gain a more intimate experience with the people they are serving by living within the community. In addition to our clinical services, NDI manages a variety of health and community projects on the island. Our volunteer physicians participate in all aspects of the NDI wholistic approach to global health, working in the clinic, the field, and teaching 9-day health courses on “Natural Medicine in Global Health” that are run throughout the year and are open to anyone interested.                           


Naturopathic Physician Long Term Volunteers

NDI places licensed naturopathic physicians in high-need areas to serve 15-month rotations providing free medical care – but these doctors often go beyond their duty of simply bringing medicine to people. NDI doctors are the heart of all the NDI medical and community programs. You can Sponsor a Doctor for very little money which helps provide many patients with continuous health care. Our doctors dedicate their hearts and time to the patients and programs of NDI.  Our full time psychologist provides the only coordinated care together with the Comisaria de Mujeres, the local women's police force, to serve and accompany victims of sexual and domestic violence.


Helping Hands | Sponsor a Patient

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These two programs provide both medicines and tailored medical services beyond what our clinic can offer. Helping Hands stocks the NDI pharmacy with common vitamins and medicines that are not available in the hospital from the generous donations of USA corporations and purchases from local Nicaraguan natural medicine farms like Isnaya and Cecalli in Esteli, Nicaragua, which directly supports the Nicaraguan economy. Sponsor a Patient extends small funds to specific patients for medicines we do not carry in the clinic, diagnostic testing, and transportation for emergencies. Over the years many patients have sought out NDI for support and assistance with health challenges.  Sponsor a Patient began when an 11 year old patient whose monthly medications ran over $150.00 USD looked to NDI for support.  A youth group of martial-arts students from the Wayne Owen Fighting Arts (WOFA) in Grants Pass, Oregon began the Sponsor a Patient program to help patients.  Thanks to the generosity of kids in Oregon, and others, the Sponsor a Patient program has been able to provide many patients and families assistance with medications, specialized exam, medical transportation and specialist exams.  Thanks to the great kids of WOFA for their HUGE HEARTS for making this possible!