Dr. Tabatha Parker

Board President, NDI
Naturopathic Physician and Global Activist

AIHM Associate Director of Special Academic Programs

Dear Friends of NDI,

Welcome to the Natural Doctors International (NDI) family where holistic healthcare is a human right. Thank you for getting involved with NDI and helping us transform health care. We are an interprofessional organization bringing natural medicine to global health through Naturopathic and Integrative Health Clinic Services, Education, Global Health Policy, and Research. NDI is about both building relationships and taking action. We are about reaching out, sharing and collaborating, promoting social justice volunteerism (not volun-tourism) and bringing natural medicine to universal health care.

Phase one in our development was to establish a naturopathic health care clinic to show the efficacy of naturopathic medicine in an under-resourced public healthcare setting. Since 2005, our clinic on the Island of Ometepe has provided over 25,000+ patients free naturopathic medical care by volunteer naturopathic physicians and nearly $750,000 USD of medicines and supplies. Now that we have successfully implemented this demonstration clinic, we will continue our global policy work and expansion of NDI. Our policy work over the last 10 years with the World Health Organization has helped in the recent formation of the World Naturopathic Federation. Our Nicaraguan psychologist, Lilliam Zacharias, has improved and expanded our work in domestic violence and sexual abuse response for victims in coordination with the national police force, the Comisaria de Mujeres, and the local government. Our recent additional of our first full-time Nicaraguan Naturopathic Doctor (Naturortopatico Medico General) to our team, Dra. Ofmara Lopez, is helping to transform NDI. 

If you are interested in helping to develop an interprofessional global health clinic - you have come to the right place! If service is your passion, our volunteer opportunities for health care professionals and students are truly life-changing. If you want to work in global health policy or global health research, you have also found the right home. We challenge volunteers to step into another culture and experience from within by building personal relationships and walking a mile in another person’s shoes. This direct experience of the often harsh economic imbalances present in under-resourced countries allows our volunteers to serve and act – not from afar, but in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world. Through cultural immersion and collaboration, volunteers gain first hand experience of global disparity, giving participants an understanding of how their own personal choices impact the larger global community. 

On a global policy level, we are doing work for the naturopathic profession that no other organization is involved in. We believe that the only way for our profession to participate fully in global health is by formalizing our work and gaining official relations status with the WHO and fully participating in global health policy. To that end, every organization in naturopathic medicine working in global health must strive to have the highest standards, follow international law and protect their volunteers by gaining permission from governments to allow our work to happen.  NDI supports legal health brigades.   Doing so protects you and the patients you serve - it also supports a non-imperialistic model which respects local cultures and their laws. We are now are expanding into Africa to help start the first African Naturopathic Medical School and Clinic, with our partners, Zinare.

NDI encourages you to come and walk with us. We need you to continue our work - do not for a second think that we can do this without you. If you're considering, then you're half way there - take the plunge. Give more than just your skills – give a piece of your heart back to the world!