Zinare University College in Zambia


Zinare University College offers a small and growing naturopathic medicine program as well as public health and nutrition, and training for traditional healers. Recently having procured a 10-acre campus outside of Lusaka, they are now focusing on infrastructure development and developing partnerships with naturopathic programs in the US and Canada. Centrally located in Southern Africa, Zambia is ideal for training students from half a dozen neighboring countries.

Current Projects

New Well, Running Water and Sanitation - $15,000

Building and Renovating Classroom Block 1 - $51,000

Building and Renovating Classroom Block 2 - $43,000

Building and Furnishing Dormitories - $62,500

IT Setup (computer labs, broadband, video conferencing for distance lectures) - $40,500

Accreditation (Higher Ed, Health professions, Nursing) - $18,500

Food as Medicine Project (HIV/AIDS)

Anatomy Skill Lab (plastic models, equipment)

History of the Organization

The Zambia Institute of Natural Medicine and Research (ZINARE), a naturopathic educational and research institution and a registered charity, was officially launched in the year 2009. The event was attended by Dr. Pauline Crouch representing Natural Doctors International and Dr. Ossy Kasilo representing the World Health Organization - African Region. Dr. Ossy Kasilo made a recommendation for ZINARE to become a full-fledged university as a way of advancing traditional, complementary and alternative medicine training and research in Zambia and Africa. Dr. Kasilo also recommended that naturopathic medicine be supported as a bridge between conventional medicine and traditional healers in Africa. Six years later, Zinare University College, owned and operated by ZINARE, was incorporated as a not-for-profit university.

Located at Kabulamwanda in the Namwala District, South Province of Zambia, on a 10-acre piece of land that was formerly a cooperative college, the Zinare University College is currently operating under the City University of Science and Technology and the American International School of Medicine. The College is working towards getting accreditation from the Higher Educational Authority, the Health Professional Council of Zambia and the General Nursing Council of Zambia.

The College has 6 full time staff and 9 alumni volunteers. In partnership with Endeavor College of Natural Health of Australia, the College has graduated 9 students with a Diploma in Population Health that incorporates complementary medical modalities. Currently ZINARE has 30 students who will complete 8-month clinical rotations in hospitals. ZINARE will soon graduate 7 more naturopathic students who completed their clinical rotations in hospitals in Zambia and India. 

For additional context please read Dr Crouch's article published in NDNR in 2010 after her visit to Zambia:

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